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a.c.e is an HRD Corp-registered training provider. One of Malaysia’s leading corporate training and team-building service providers, the Company provides training solutions with highly customized content and various engaging activities.

The wide range of training programs focuses on all aspects of professional development, enabling the rise of team spirits aligning with the organisation’s vision. Whether it’s virtual, physical or hybrid, we enrich the fun learning experiences, achieve productive work culture and accomplish efficiency.









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All programs are 100% HRD CORP Claimable.

You can now use your HRD Corp funds with a.c.e programs!

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What is HRD Corp Claimable Training Program?

HRD Corp Claimable Training Program is a Malaysian government initiative that encourages employers to invest in training and upskilling their workforce. The program offers financial help to qualifying firms registered with the Human Resources Development Corp to conduct employee training programs.

HRD Corp stands for Human Resources Development Corporation, a Malaysian government agency that provides funding for training and upskilling employees in various sectors. The HRDF's primary goal is to encourage the development of the existing and future workforce to support Malaysia's objective of becoming a high-income economy.

HRD Corp-registered Training Provider refers to the company that serves as a Training Vendor to HRDF Registered Employers.

Employers registered with HRD Corp and paid the mandatory levy for their employees can request reimbursement of the training expenses incurred for their development. The reimbursement amount will depend on the type of training and the eligibility criteria set by HRDF.

The claimable training program allows companies to recoup a percentage of their training expenditures from HRD Corp if the training is completed. The amount of financial aid available depends on the type of training program and the number of employees who have finished it.

To be HRD Corp Claimable, the training program must meet the HRD Corp's criteria, including being conducted by HRDF-approved training providers and covering specific training areas. These areas include technical, vocational, and soft skills development.

The program aims to improve Malaysian employees' skills and knowledge, increase productivity, and promote economic growth by developing a competent workforce. The program includes technical and soft skills training, and the initiative is open to personnel from various businesses and sectors.

What training costs
can be claimed from HRD Corp?

HRD Corp allows training claims for the following items:

  • Training fees

  • Training materials costs

  • Training venue and hotels cost

  • The cost of meals

  • Daily allowances for trainers and employees

  • Transportation, including airfare costs for trainers and employees

  • Duration of training

  • Number of employees limits

The claims are conditional based on internal in-house on-premises training or public training done locally or overseas.

Why Malaysian Company Uses HRD Corp's Funds to Conduct Training?

Malaysian companies may use the Human Resources Development Corp's funds to conduct training for several reasons:

Compliance with regulations

For employers with 10 or more Malaysian employees in Malaysia, it is COMPULSORY to register with HRD Corp. These contributions are then used to promote workforce development and training.

Skills development

Companies may use HRD Corp's funds to conduct training to improve the skills and capabilities of their employees. This can help them perform their roles more effectively and efficiently, ultimately benefiting the company.

Employee retention

Providing training and development opportunities can help increase employee satisfaction and engagement. This can lead to higher retention and lower turnover rates, ultimately saving the company money in recruitment and training costs.

Competitive advantage

Companies that invest in training and development are often better equipped to compete in their industry. In addition, by improving the skills and capabilities of their workforce, they can become more innovative and efficient, which can help them to stand out from competitors.

Overall, using HRDF funds to conduct training can benefit both employees and the company. It can lead to improved performance, increased employee satisfaction and engagement, and a stronger competitive position.

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